#PTINYOURPOCKET The only mobile app in the fitness industry that gives you a real PT in your pocket Gym Workouts No computer programs, just real fitness professionals helping you hit your goals Home Workouts Home workouts specifically prepared by our trainers for you, to fit in with your busy lives

Welcome To  Focus Fitness

We connect you with your own personal trainer, who is at your finger tips 24/7.

A mobile app and platform designed with one thing in mind. To make the dream of getting fit and healthy an affordable choice. No more expensive Personal Trainers or faddy diets. One place to use for all your fitness goals. Train at home or in the gym? We have you covered. Specific dietary requirements? We have you covered.


Your personal trainer finds out your dietary requirements and creates an affordable plan that fits you

Gym & Home Workouts

Each program is tailored to you, your goals, your ability. By your own personal trainer. NOT a computer program


Virtual classes streamed and updated every week. From Pilates and yoga to HIIT and Bootcamp sessions. All included in your subscription

An App Built  For You

Our app is built for you, to help you hit your goals. This is what you will get when you sign up with the team at focus fitness

Training Goals

Training Goals

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Our Core Team

The Focus Fitness Team at the core of the company is made up of some of the most dedicated individuals we could find. All with their own strengths and abilities in each field that make the FF team unique and awesome

Conrad Empson

Founder & CEO

Conrad is the genius behind this incredible App. It was his original concept that has helped so many people reach their fitness goals. Conrad has an incredible drive and ambition. From his many years working in the higher echelons of the marine industry in project management and procurement, he has been able to use his skills to develop his dream together over several years of hard work to share with all of you.

Hannah Roberts

The Social Media Guru

Hannah is our very own Social Media Ninja. We rely on her and her team of internet wizards, to make sure the Focus Fitness message is fresh and relevant to you, our clients across all of our amazing platforms. Hannah also holds the current wall sit record in the office!

Tim bevington

Head of Personal Training and Marketing Jedi

Tim has been squat deep in the fitness industry for 14 years. A specialist in bodyweight and HiiT workouts. He is a qualified PT, Bootcamp instructor and all-round drill sergeant to his clients. He is also our Marketing Jedi and works closely with Conrad to push the Focus Fitness brand out to the worldwide fitness industry.

Sophie Tanner

Personal trainer

Sophie was our very first Personal Trainer here on the Focus Fitness Team. She’s incredible with all her clients and makes sure to push them to get results. She now helps Tim to manage our growing team of Personal Trainers with all our Focus Fitness clients .

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Focus Fitness  Plans

2 Plans, 2 Prices – ONE result.

Initial launch price

999Per month

Soon to be £15.00 Per Month

A personal Trainer dedicated to you
1-2-1 Bi-weekly videos with your PT
Fitness plans they write for you
Nutrition and menu plans for you
Up to 3 x fitness classes a week
Your plan can be changed every 2 weeks
Equivalent real time cost saving on Gym membership and real life – OVER £170

Initial launch price

1999Per month

Soon to be £25.00 Per Month

A personal Trainer dedicated to you
1-2-1 Weekly videos with your PT
Fitness plans specifically for you
Nutrition and menu plans for you
UNLIMITED fitness classes a week
Your plan can be changed weekly
Equivalent real time cost saving on Gym membership and real life – OVER £240

A few words from our clients

‘I could never find a PT to fit in with my busy schedule, with the Focus Fitness App, my PT sessions suit my lifestyle’

John A, Southampton

‘I love the videos my PT Tim sends me. He focuses on what we spoke about the week before and how I can make my workouts harder and more rewarding to see results’

Susie F, Leicester

‘The Hiit classes are great. They are hard enough to make me sweat and swear at the trainer at the same time, I love them’

Steve B, Liverpool

‘I’m currently furloughed at the moment. I have all the time in the world. This app has helped me tone up, lose weight and get a lot stronger in only 5 weeks’

Big Dave P, Beverley

‘Great to get that personal touch from a real Personal Trainer rather than an automated style workout. My trainer helped me get over my wrist injury’

Baz T, Taunton

‘I’m a busy Mum and my fitness stuff has to work around my kids and Focus Fitness have literally made it so easy for me to exercise the right way, when it suits me. Normally when the kids have gone to bed. Thank you FF Team’

Rachel C, Bournemouth

‘I never wanted to go to the gym, I was a big self conscious guy. The Focus Fitness App meant I could train at home with only a few items of equipment. Now I have lost lots of weight I feel more confident and will try out their Gym workouts when the gyms open again’.

David E, The New Forest

‘My kids rule my life, I never got time to go to the gym – I workout in the garage now using the Focus Fitness App, thank you guys for getting me in charge of me’

Anthony S, Leeds

‘I am an early morning person and used to go to the gym every day, now its closed on lockdown I use this App to help me keep myself in shape’

Sharon S, Salisbury

‘I hate the gym, but I love working out at home – this app is brilliant, does exactly what I need it too’

Kirsty A, Preston

‘Running used to be my thing but my friends told me to look at this app, I now only run twice a week and train three more times a week with the help of the Focus Fitness App’

James P, Guildford

I wanted to get fit in Lockdown, so I have been using the Focus Fitness App for a few weeks. Already I feel amazing. I have toned up my belly and my butt and feeling more confident sunbathing wearing my bikini in my garden’

Miche P, Salisbury

‘Working out at home – taken to another level – Brilliant’

Corey B, Margate

‘I was a bit put off to try using weights, only ever ran. I love using weights in my home workouts now’

Stevie P, Mansfield

‘I had shoulder problems for years, working closely with Tim at Focus Fitness alongside my Physio they helped me to get some strength and mobility back. I can now get back on the golf course’

Alistair R, Layburn

‘I’ve never done a home workout before, let alone an online Class. I was told about the Focus Fitness App as an alternative to get into fitness, especially in Quarantine. All I can say is it’s fantastic. Thank you to the guys and girls at Focus Fitness for helping me stay sane on Lockdown’

Jenny D, Aylesbury

‘My kids are driving me crazy in quarantine, this app helps my mental state as I’m working from home and balancing home schooling.’

Kat V, Exeter

‘Working from home at the moment was the only thing I did until I tried this App that was recommended to me by a friend. Thanks for giving me something to break up my quarantine FF team’

James MW, Ilmington

‘My Girlfriend and I are both using the app. Mine is for strength and muscle gaining and hers is to tone up and lose weight. We are 3 weeks in so far and already can see some changes. This app has given us both the opportunity to workout together at home while the gyms are shut’

Simon j & Freya M, Worcester

‘Great app, brilliant home workouts, lots of new exercises to try at home’

Oli B, Winchester



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