About Focus Fitness

In 2018 our Founder, Conrad Empson, came up with the idea to shake up the world’s fitness industry.

The questions were raised one day in the gym; ‘how do we make personal training and nutritional help accessible to everyone?’, Conrad came up with the answer and a concept never seen before by the fitness world: Focus Fitness



He has created a platform that can help everyone of any age and fitness level with their personal fitness goals.


Focus Fitness is a mobile app that gives you, the normal everyday person, access to your own, actual, real life personal trainer at a fraction of the cost – at your finger tips… No; in your pocket. Not only are all the programs designed by REAL personal trainers, there are no computer programs involved in your personal plans. We talk to you. We understand your goals and we work with you to create a training program personally tailored to you. Alongside this personalised training program you get a full nutritionally balanced dietary guide to help you meet your targets. Access to workout videos, plus tips and tricks to become the new you.



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