Covid 19 and how it’s made Focus Fitness adapt

Covid has been devastating across the globe and the team here at Focus Fitness want to send our sympathies out to all those families effected by the pandemic, but we also want to share our utmost thanks to every single person working in the Key Worker sectors, from the staff in the NHS, the teachers in all the schools, the shelf stackers in your local shops, the bus drivers, the list is very long. We thank you all.  Covid put some very harsh restrictions on every one of us that uses the gym or a public fitness facility to get our daily kick of endorphin boosting. For some this had a massive knock on our mental health, for others it meant piling on the pounds, for some it meant thinking outside the box and seeing how to adapt your training programs and exercise routines to stay active and keep positive. We would like to think that we are there for support for all of our clients and anyone else that has been affected and looking to move into 2021 with a positive change in their lives. Just remember we are here for you, all you have to do is drop us a message. 

Stay safe everyone. The Focus Fitness Team