Training Goals at  Focus Fitness

At Focus Fitness our goals here are simple. We want to offer you four simple things.

1) Personal training and nutrition plans at a vastly more affordable option a month than anything else available in the fitness industry

2) Real qualified personal trainers helping each of our clients to reach their goals.

3) Fantastic service from real people NOT computer programs

4) Everything you need to get fit…. All in your pocket


Download our Focus Fitness App.


Let us help you on your way to your fitness goals, to find the body you’ve always wanted, to drop dress or Jean sizes, to get fitter, get leaner or just to become a healthier you.


Our team of fantastic and energetic trainers are here to help you.

You Pick The  Location

Both are an option

Home Workout Plans

Bodyweight exercises
Kettlebell workout exercises
Dumbbell workout exercises
No Equipment workout plans
3 and 5 x day split training plans
Specific body part training
Short workouts to fit your schedule
PT led tailored plans

Gym Workout Plans

Full gym workout plans
3 / 4 / 5 day split training plans
Exercises using gym machines
Exercises using free weights
PT led tailored plans
Specific body part training
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Over the last few years


Of clients sweat and hard work

Protein Shakes

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